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Until today I found more than 900 inhabitants, including their descendants, who bear the surname Vieser in my hometown Lahr in the Black Forest, Badenia (former grand dutchy of Badenia), Southern Germany. In addition to this, I gathered genealogical data of more than 11.000 other former residents of Lahr.

When I first embarked upon this journey, I simply wanted to do some research on my family and its roots in Lahr, but in the meantime I extended my research to additional families who have lived in Lahr before 1900 and left their traces in the town. The research goes back as far as historical sources allow.

The Vieser family

The oldest still existing index of Lahr dates back to the year 1356 and includes three households of Viser. Unfortunately wars and fire destroyed much valuable information, particularly the ravage of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), leaving only a quarter of the population of Lahr, and the almost complete devastation caused by the troups of the French king Louis XIV in the year 1677. Only seven households of Vieser were left at this time, belonging to four family lines. Three of these lines still exist in Lahr today.

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